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Italy - Toscana




Body full dropfull dropfull dropdropdrop
Acidity full dropfull dropfull dropdropdrop
Sweetness full dropdropdropdropdrop
Fruit full dropfull dropfull dropdropdrop
red wine
Italy Tuscany


wine profile


steak Steak Florentine
pizza Pizza
meatballs Spaghetti and Meatballs

Primary flavors

cherrySour Cherry


100% Sangiovese

About this Wine

Our Tuscan Sangiovese has a purple red color with a hint of earth and fruity notes of cherry and fresh tomato. The palate is full-bodied supported by soft tannins. Its balanced intense persistency with a smooth fruity aftertaste makes it a tantalizing match to Steak Florentine or Meatballs.

My wife lived in Florence for several years before we met. We were there visiting friends in the countryside above Florence in a small restaurant where Machiavelli did his writing during his exile when I was introduced to this wine by our winemaker friend. The beauty of Tuscan wines is their simple elegance. The wines are made for gathering with friends and food and this is exactly what Tini is. It is a perfect example of Tuscan wine like the locals drink.

Excellence in Exile

Toscana is a region of wine for excellence, with its fascinating landscape, pleasant countryside and rolling hills, famous all over the world as a symbol of Italy. Climate is a key factor in this region's success as a wine region with warm, temperate coastal areas that are contrasted by inland temperature variation helping to maintain the grapes' balance of sugars, acidity and aromatics. The Sangiovese Toscana IGT area extends through all of Tuscany, including all the 10 Tuscan provinces with its traditional cultural heritage and its unique wine-making style now famous all over the world.

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