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Box 7

Finca Martha

Argentina - Mendoza


Finca Martha


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red wine
Argentina Mendoza


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Lamp chops Lamb Chops
Steak Steak
roasted chicken Garlic Roasted Chicken

Primary flavors



100% Malbec

About this Wine

When anyone says Malbec, the first thought is Mendoza. It is brilliant, full and fruity. It is a precise example of well made Malbec. It will go well with a variety of roasted or grilled meats and is approachable enough to enjoy by itself or with light appetizers. On the palate you will find plums and ripe cherries.

While visiting one of our partners in Argentina, I was having lunch with the owner and the winemaker Manuel. We were eating outdoors in a restaurant in the vineyard in the Uco Valley looking at the Andes situated at 1300 meters above sea level. Manuel ordered a bottle of Finca Martha Malbec and it was perfect. I asked him why he didn't order one of the wines I was already buying from him and he told me that this was a wine that they sell well throughout the world but not in America and the one he drinks most often. I knew then our introduction to the USA with this great wine would be with our Advent Calendar.

1300 Meters or 4265 Feet

Mendoza is located at the edge of the Andes closer to Chile than it is the Atlantic Ocean. It is an absolutely stunning area filled with amazing wine, food and people. Proud and friendly and very welcoming, you immediately feel at home. The location at the base of the mountains gives the land underneath the needed water from a pure source of melted snow for the grapes to thrive during the growing season which is our winter. Keep in mind that a visit to the area in August will involve skiing.

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