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Box 7


South Africa - Western Cape

White Blend



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Acidity full dropfull dropdropdropdrop
Sweetness full dropdropdropdropdrop
Fruit full dropfull dropfull dropfull dropdrop
white wine
South Africa Western Cape


wine profile


Ceviche Ceviche
Clams Steamed Clams
Fried shrimps Fried Shrimp

Primary flavors

GrapefruitRuby Grapefruit


50% Sauvignon Blanc, 50% Chardonnay

About this Wine

This fresh white blend from South Africa wasn’t what we were originally looking for in South Africa. This wine was a huge surprise and we were happy it was shown to us. Even though it wasn’t what we asked for, they insisted on tasting this wine stating it was the best white wine they had and we completely agreed. The balance of the blend is the key to this delicious wine. Enjoy it with fun foods.

SharkBite exemplifies everything South African. It is bold and balanced, irreverent with elegance. It is a reminder of the sea mist rising high above the beaches from the rolling waves where the Great Whites play. One of the things you will notice when you visit South Africa is the pride in the wine. It is hard to find anything on a wine list there from anywhere else.

Balancing Act

South Africa as the name would suggest is at the southern tip of the African Continent. It is a country where Penguins enjoy the beaches and sharks watch the surfers. The climate is perfect for growing approachable fruit driven wines and this has been an area sailors have stopped for hundreds of years to get wine when sailing past. The French were some of the earliest settlers and brought wine with them... of course.

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