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Box 7

Comte des Bories

France - Bordeaux

Red Blend

Comte des Bories


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red wine


wine profile


steak Grilled Steak
Lamb chops Roast Lamb
Duck Breast Duck Breast

Primary flavors

BlackcurrantBlack Currant


Merlot 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 50%

About this Wine

Medium red color and full-bodied, this wine is full of Plums and Black Currants on the palate with Violet on the nose. You will find earthy undertones hidden within a rich sea of fruit. Firm mouth-drying tannins quicky give way to a long pleasant finish. Pair with Duck Breast or Roast Lamb.

We have been working with this winemaker for her Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon for years. I knew that any global collection of wine should have a blended Bordeaux in it and wanted something that was traditional while also having a profile that would be enjoyable with good fruit and not overly earthy. We worked together to create this blend to show exactly what a traditional 50% each blend would taste like and we chose 2018 wines because they had great fruit and firm tannins and would be a perfect example of the blending and ageing Bordeaux is known for.

Almost a Billion there

Bordeaux produces around 900 million of bottles of wine each year with almost 90% of it red wine. Bordeaux is divided into two distinct premium wine growing areas. These areas are separated by the Gironde Estuary and further by the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers. The Left Bank is known for having the most terroir favoring Cabernet Sauvignon. The Right Bank for Merlot. Both areas grow both grapes as even with this separation the soil is not the same throughout the areas. The left bank is known for Cabernet Sauvignon but they still grow more Merlot. I understand this can be a bit confusing, but the point is that this area carefully plants what is best for the soil type and area and then they blend the finished wines together to produce the best possible wine each year. The goal each year for Bordeaux winemakers is not to produce the same wine, but to make the best wine possible with what nature gives them.

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