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Argentina - Mendoza




Body full dropfull dropfull drop full dropdrop
Acidity full dropfull dropfull dropdropdrop
Sweetness full dropdropdropdropdrop
Fruit full dropfull dropfull dropfull dropdrop
red wine
Argentina Mendoza


wine profile


Asian Food Asian Food
Cheese Hard Cheese
grilled-fish Trout / Salmon

Primary flavors

White FlowersWhite Flowers
Stone FruitStone Fruit


100% Torrontes

About this Wine

This 100% Torrontes is a bell ringer for what this varietal is meant to be. White Flowers and Stone Fruits on the nose and palate with a hint of citrus. A full long finish and very round wine. Pair this wine with Asian foods or Pink Fish. It will also be a great wine to enjoy by itself with a little hard cheese. I would recommend some well-aged Provolone.

I have a passion for finding great local wines made from local grapes. This wine is a shining example of one of these finds. There are very few plantings of Torrontes outside of Argentina. If you want to have a great Torrontes, Argentina is your choice. With every visit to Argentina, I would ask the different winemakers, do you have a good Torrontes? I was visiting Buenos Aires 2018 to see Nicolas who manages all of the export for one of our new wineries that year and he showed me this wine. Stop looking and what you wanted will likely appear. This wine is everything I enjoy about Torrontes. Full of fruit and flowers but not cloyingly heavy. Produced at the edge of the Uco Valley.

On the Edge

The wine enthusiasts of Argentina know Torrontes very well. 20% of the white wines consumed in Argentina are Torrontes. This grape prefers altitude and is mostly grown near the mountains in the west of Argentina and really excels at the edge of the Uco Valley. DNA suggest there is no relationship between the Torrontes labeled wines of Spain and Torrontes in Argentina. The demand for Torrontes is also growing each year and they plant more and more year after year. This is significant as Argentina is the 5th largest producer in the world and Mendoza where this wine comes from produces 60% of all the wine in Argentina.

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