Box 7
Box 7


France - Pays d'Oc

Cabernet Sauvignon



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red wine
Pays d'Oc


wine profile


Burger Cheeseburger
ribs Ribs
sloppy joe Sloppy Joe

Primary flavors

cherryBlack Cherry
black fruitsDark Berries


100% Cabernet Sauvignon

About this Wine

Deep red with crimson highlights. On the palate you will find an abundance of Dark Red Berries and Black Cherry along with some toasted Vanilla on the nose. It is well-structured and full with soft tannins. It will pair beautifully with Ribs or a Sloppy Joe.

I met the winemaker for this wine about 4 years ago at a trade show in Paris. I was already selling a lot of Varietal wine from France and though they were producing some really amazing single varietal wines, I wasn't ready for new winery. Fast forward four years and I am looking to create a box of 24 different and exceptional wines that not only have exceptional value but also great variation from the other wines in the box. This is an exceptional example of Cabernet Sauvignon and also has its unique differences from the other Cabernets in the box.

Something New

Pays D'Oc is one of France's most popular wine areas selling over 700 million bottles a year. It is located along the Southern Coast of France. It is the most exported wine from France. It owes its start in wine to the Romans and while respectful of their past, this area is one of the quickest to try new techniques and are producing some of the most approachable wines in Europe.

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