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Box 7

Les Terroirs

France - Corbieres

Red blend

Les Terroirs


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red wine


wine profile


Pot Roast Pot Roast
bacon Steamship Round
roast chicken Black Pepper Chicken

Primary flavors

cherryBlack Cherry
pepperBlack Pepper


34% Grenache, 33% Syrah, 33% Carignan

About this Wine

This is a serious bottle of wine. This blend really produces a wine that is a solid example of Corbieres. Full of Black Cherry and Black Pepper with a hint of Violet. Refined tannins provide delicate structure. A bold yet fresh finish. This wine is best served a little below room temperature - 15 to 20 minutes in the fridge before serving will do this. It will pair excellently with a Roast or Smoked Brisket.

A lot of the wines I find have to do with some travel, and that is because I know that good wine isn't found in a board room or office, it is found in the vineyards and wineries with the growers and the winemakers. This one was found while being a tourist visiting the small fortress villages of the region. I tried many different wines as there are an endless amount of different styles and blends. I found one that really stood out while having lunch in a small restaurant. They didn't have a wine list, when I asked what red wines they had, the waitress simply returned with a glass of this wine. (My French speaking, or lack of speaking skills likely influenced this). When it was time to pay, I snapped a picture of the back of the bottle and returned a few months later to meet the winemaker.

Bold Beauty

Named for the Corbieres Massif Mountain Range and the foothills to the Pyrenees on the northern side. It remains one of the wildest and least populated areas in France. Small Catral Village fortresses dot the mountainsides. It is the largest appellation in Languedoc and red wines from this region are 95% of the total production. Wines from this area are as bold as the countryside.

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