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Le Moment



Le Moment


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Acidity full dropfull dropfull dropdropdrop
Sweetness full dropdropdropdropdrop
Fruit full dropfull dropfull dropdropdrop
rose wine


wine profile


burger Cheeseburger
Taco Fish Tacos
Risotto Salmon Risotto

Primary flavors

red-berriesRed berries


50% Cinsault, 50% Grenache

About this Wine

Light pink with notes of Melon, Berries and Rose. Refreshing and uncomplicated this wine is enjoyable by itself, as an aperitif or with casual foods such as Burgers of Fish Tacos. It should be served well chilled.

This is a wine we have been selling a little of in America for the last couple of years. This wine is all about the experience and living life "the moment". There are times when a good Rose is the perfect wine. I enjoy this one with Cheeseburgers and when skiing. It is quite common to see Rose being drunk in the Alps during winter. This wine pairs well with all the foods associated with a day of winter sports.

Winemaking over Blending

Long before the Rose Wines we know and also before White and Red wines, the winemakers would field blend their harvest putting red and white together ending up with a pink wine. These field blends softened the harshness of the wines that were often made with whole grapes, seeds, stems and anything else that ended up under foot while being crushed. When the Romans arrived in Provence, they were familiar with this style of wine and began making it there. During the Middle Ages Bordeaux began producing Claret which progressed to an all red wine while still softening some of the harshness by limiting contact with skins, seeds and stems. From this point forward, wines began to be made with only White or Red grapes with Rose being a product of winemaking rather than blending.

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