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rose wine


wine profile


Shrimps Peel & Eat Shrimp
Scallop Grilled Scallops
Fish sandwich Fish Sandwish

Primary flavors

cherryRed fruit
rasperryRed berries


50% Tinta Roriz, 50% Touriga National

About this Wine

This Portuguese Rose is light and refreshing with a bright hue. It is teaming with fresh red fruit. It will pair well with light foods like Peel & Eat Shrimp or all by itself.

Passal is a very established wine in Portugal. This was one of our great finds in 2019 and a fantastic winery selling the majority of their wines to those most familiar with Portuguese wines… the Portuguese. Sometimes simple and original is the best possible option and this is a traditional Portuguese Rose from a classic producer. If you visit Portugal, this is one of the wines you would be able to enjoy.

The Rose that was the first to be Cool

Portugal has a great history of winemaking. Like most of Europe, Portugal was introduced to wine by the Romans, but as an important Atlantic port country (name of the country is a hint) they also had wine influence from the Phoenicians and Greeks at different times. With a warm temperate Mediterranean climate, Rose is a great choice all year.

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